Whirl-Pak® surface sampling bags

New Whirl-Pak bags with spoon, dry or hydrated sponge with sample collection medium.
The buffered medium of the 200381 model contains monopotassium phosphate, sodium thiosulfate and aryl sulphonate complex.
Code 200381
Cellulose sponge, hydrated with 10 ml of neutralizing buffer.
The buffer will neutralize surface sanitizers, including quaternary ammonium compounds, phenolics, iodine preps, chlorine preps, mercurials, formaldehyde,
and glutaraldehyde.
Diluent has a 24-month shelf life from the date of manufacture. Neutralizing buffer contains monopotassium phosphate, sodium thiosulfate, and aryl
sulfonate complex.
Code 200382
532 ml write-on bag contains a sterile, disposable polystyrene plastic spoon of approximately 1 teaspoon capacity.
Code 200383
The 8” (20.3 cm) long bendable polypropylene handle allows maximum contact of the sponge with the sampling surface and also helps with the collection
of hard-to-reach surfaces, around corners, and irregularly shaped areas.
The innovative twist-off head holds the cellulose sponge securely and is quick and easy to remove from the handle once sample collection is completed.

code modelo description capacity ml dimensions cm tickness
case quantity case weight (Kg) case volume (m3)
200381 1 bolsa con esponja hidratada con medio 532 11,5 x 23 63,5 100 2,5 0,019
200382 2 bolsa con cuchara 532 11,5 x 23 63,5 100 1,02 0,007
200383 3 bolsa con esponja 710 15 x 23 76,2 50 1,14 0,014