Urine collection bottle

Made of polyethylene.
Colour: natural. The 19591 and 19591 / T codes have a 110 mm handle. The
bottle has moulded-in graduations in 100 ml increments up to 1,000 ml. Total
capacity: 1.1 l.
Rounded rim on the neck of the bottle. Inner diameter of the neck is 50 mm,
outer diameter is 69 mm.
Supplied individually wrapped.
Can be sterilised by ethylene oxide.

Cuerpo graduado Producto acogido a la Directiva 98/79/CE (Producto Sanitario para Diagnóstico in Vitro)

code capacity total capacity case quantity case weight (Kg) case volume (m3) palet case
C05 1 l 1,2 l 70 6,71 0,150 16