Tamper evident bottles, tall models

Translucent cylindrical bottles made of natural colour low density polyethylene, with blue tamper evident closures.
Caps are ribbed for a better handling while working with gloves.
Bottles specially designed with tamper evident rings to ensure a positive seal.
Bottles are supplied uncapped.
To fully seal them, screw cap in a normal way and then screw again to fully position the tamper evident ring. To open, unscrew cap.
The ring, automatically broken, will remain on the neck of the bottle.

code capacity neck diameter body diameter height unitary weight case qty. case weight (Kg) case vol. (m3)
282305 500 ml 37 mm 66 mm 200 mm 35 g 100 4,98 0,100
282306 1000 ml 37 mm 87 mm 230 mm 52 g 60 4,22 0,140