Sterile homogeniser full size filter bag

Bag made of transparent polyethylene (PE) divided in two parts by a filter:
15005: the filter is integrated into the bag.
122000: joined to the bag by a point in the upper part of the sheet.
The sample is inserted into one of the compartments and, after being homogenised and filtered, the solid particles remain in the initial compartment, while the liquid ones pass to the other compartment and can be extracted with a pipette without any risk of obstruction.


code description presentation sterile dimensions capacity total capacity graduations case qty. case weight (Kg) case vol. (m3)
15005 bag with filter 286 holes/cm2 1 STERILE R 180 x 310 mm 50-400 ml 1600 ml 100 ml 500 6,50 0,047
122000 bag with filter 280 microns 2 STERILE R 190 x 300 mm 1600 ml 1600 ml 20 x 25 5,92 0,020