Standard size: 26 x 76 mm. Thickness: 1 mm. Made in Germany. High definition, prewashed glass. Hydrofophobic. No stain residues, no proteins in the surface.
Feature a white, 20 mm. marking area. This special printed area is resistant to all common chemicals used in the laboratories, and may be marked with pencil, ballpoint pen, marker and different laboratory-printers (e.g. Leica XPS). Thanks to the single side printing the user always knows the best surface to be used.
Star Frost® Adhesive slides are treated with silane-coating, which ensures celland-tissue-adhesion and supports the forming of covalent bonds between the tissue and the glass surface through electrostatic attraction. So tissue and cell substrates stick rapidly on the surface without using further adhesives or protein coating media, saving costs and time. This adhesive coating is restricted to the top surface and therefore to the usable area only. As the underside is untreated, the slides do not tend to stick when stacked or transported as with other competitive products.
StarFrost® Adhesive slides do not show striae and disturbing background staining such as the blue or red background obtained with Haematoxylin and Eosin-staining of tissues on Albumin coated glass, or the brown background obtained during the Immunoperoxidase or In-situ-DNS-Hybridisation process.
They are ideal for molecular-hybridization, as being DNASe and RNAse free there is no need of washing them with chromic-acid.
Available with ground edges 90º or beveled clipped corners.
Supplied in boxes of 50 units.
Final package (20 boxes) by tropical pack.
Conforms with ISO 8037/1 (european standard).
Expiry date: 14 months after manufacturing date.

code description case qty. case weight case vol.
A100018 90º grounded Edges. Non clipped corners 20 x 50 5,02 0,004
A100019 Grounded and Bevelled Edges. Clipped corners 20 x 50 4,98 0,004