Staining system

Slide staining system compound of a range of jars, and a 12 slides staining rack. Different jar colours allow the user to distinguish each stage of the staining process. Jar and rack made of autoclavable POM (polyoxymethylene), resistant to staining agents as alcohol, xylene, etc. (not phenol).
The jar embodies a hinged lid which allows storing the jar with the content.
Reagent capacity: 80 ml.
Jars can be loosely joined to each other laterally.
The rack features a handle in the hinged lid, and can be placed up when handled out of the jar. Since the slides are placed vertically in the rack, their writing area will not be stained, allowing their removal without the use of forceps.
Rack and jar withstand from –170 ºC and 121 ºC.
Jar dimensions: 64 x 76 x 92 mm. Rack dimensions: 60 x 64 x 97 mm.

Autoclavable (see more information about autoclaving in page 11)

code description colour case qty. case weight case vol.
191104 jar Blue 6 0,72 0,0059
191105 jar Green 6 0,78 0,0059
191106 jar White 6 0,68 0,0059
191107 jar Yellow 6 0,68 0,0059
191108 rack Grey 6 0,32 0,0024