Spectrophotometer cuvettes – Special UV

Disposable cuvettes suitable for most of the open spectrophotometers. Homogeneous
measures, specially of the surface crossed by the light beam, assuring an optimum transmission level on the whole visible spectral.
The material used avoids any possible measurement interference. Due to the strict quality control during the manufacture process, a high reliability is assured. The maximum
absorption variations are ± 1%.
The two sides not crossed by the light beam are ribbed to an easy identification of the cuvette position inside the spectrophotometer measurement chamber, resulting in an
easy positioning and removal.
They are supplied in a dust proof, expandable polystyrene box (100 units per box) with lid.
Dimensions: 12.55 x 12.65 x 44.55 mm (± 0,1 mm).
Light path: 10 mm.
Standard cuvettes
Made of polystyrene for assays in the visible spectral range (340 to 800).

Autoclavable (see more information about autoclaving in page 11)

code description characteristics case qty. case weight (Kg) case vol. (m3)
303100 4 4.5 ml
4 sides transparent
5×100 1,60 0,018
303102 5 4.5 ml macro 5×100 1,60 0,018
303101 6 2.5 ml semimicro 5×100 1,65 0,015
303103 7 1.5 ml micro 5×100 1,82 0,019