Special techniques

Liquid for thrombocyte count determination:
Due to its optical characteristics it identifies the thrombocyte avoiding confusion with other cells. This reagent also prevents adhesion and aggregation of the thrombocytes.
Full instructions are included with the kit.
Test of osmotic brittleness of the erythrocytes:
The test for the erythrocyte osmotic fragility detects the resistance of these cells to haemolysis, in hypotonical solutions with decreasing concentration of sodium chloride.
This set contains 2 complete tests and each one is composed of 12 tubes with stable and buffered solutions. Full instructions are included in the kit.

Producto acogido a la Directiva 98/79/CE (Producto Sanitario para Diagnóstico in Vitro)

code description case qty. case weight (Kg) case vol. (m3)
800000 thrombocyte counting kit 1 x 50 tubes 30 kits 5,50 0,045
802000 osmotic brittleness of erythrocytes
kit 2 x 12 plus 2 lithium heparine tubes
30 kits 7,50 0,045