Slide storage system for 100 slides. Stackable

Made of high impact polystyrene. It can hold up to 200 standard slides.
Compound by a box with a transparent lid with an easy opening and an internal removable rack.
This removable rack is divided into two parts with 50 numbered slots in each one, so 100 slides can be separately placed and their strips can be read. For space saving purposes, you can double the amount of slides simply by storing 2 slides per slot, so each part can hold up to 100 slides resulting in a total capacity of 200 slides.
They can also be used without the internal rack, so the capacity reaches 400 slides.
Stackable. The internal rack allows discarding all the slides at the same time.
The frontal part of the box can be written.
External dimensions: 82 x 245 x 86 mm.

Suitable for 2mm thick slides

Stackable Alphanumerical Identification

code colour case qty. case weight case vol.
19279.5 Blue 10 3,30 0,023
19279.7 Green 10 3,30 0,023
19279.3 Yellow 10 3,30 0,023