Slide printer microscope slides

Measures: 25 x 75mm
Thickness: 1.1mm
Made of clean, clear and degreased glass, with a colour frosted, hydrophilic, clean and washed white marking area. Resistant to all common laboratory chemicals, high pH, routine stains, etc. and suitable for all common sterilization methods. It is possible to mark with pen, pencil
and laboratory marker.
Suitable for manual use and use in printers such as Thermo Slide-Mate® (Thermo-Fisher) slide printer y Signature® (Primera) slide printers.
For other colors, ask to the commercial department.
Expiry date: 18 months

code description case quantity case weight case volume
D100010 grounded 45º, clipped corners, matt area 50×50 14,2 0,014
D100011 grounded 90º, clipped corners, matt area 50×50 14,2 0,014