Serum tubes with clot accelerator
and granule serum separator

Made of a clear polypropylene, supplied capped and labeled with an inert polyethylene cap.
The tubes are designed and processed to permit a fast serum and blood clot separation.
Each tube contains a special inert additive which accelerates the coagulation, and the result is a fast clot retraction. The coagulation speed is much higher than the obtained with the glass tubes or the other existing tubes on the market.
Allows the obtention of serum in 12 min.
The inert granules are rounded to avoid cellular lesions during centrifugation and minimize the risk of haemolysis. These granules are located between the clot and the
separated serum working as a retaining wall. It assures a comfortable pipette action or serum decanting.(It isn’t a watertight barrier).
The ergonomic features of the cap design results in a very reliable and easy-to-use cap.
On the label of each tube the lot number, expiry date and volume are printed.
Expiry time in 24 months.

Directive 98/79/EC (in Vitro Diagnostic medical device)

code presentation case qty. case weight (Kg) case vol. (m3) palet cases
600400 13 x 75 round for
4 ml blood
2×1000 7,90 0,045 32
600300 16 x 100 round for
9 ml blood
2×500 6,10 0,045 32
707094 bottle of 750 g with separator
20 17,50 0,045 40