Scintillation vials

Single use vials made of high density polyethylene to minimize solvent losses.
Screw caps ensure a leakproof seal.
Compatible with most liquid scintillation counters available on the market.
2 models available: code 900100, standard volume 20 ml, and code 900101, volume 4 ml, designed for insertion in the 20 ml vial so as to minimize the volume of scintillation liquid.
Vial 20 ml: 26.5 x 60.10 mm (Ø x h with tap)
Minivial 4 ml: 13.71 x 53.60 mm (Ø x h with tap).

code description case qty. case weight (Kg) case vol. (m3)
900100 scintillation vial (20 ml) 1000 7,90 0,069
900101 scintillation minivial (4 ml) 2000 5,90 0,041