Sample storage system

Compatible with most robotic Workstation, this polypropylene storage rack can be used with most cell harvesters and multichanel pipettors.
It contains 96 removable polypropylene square tubes in a 8 x 12 configuration, each having a 2.1 ml capacity.
Although the tubes are square, the bottom is round to facilitate emptying.
Tubes and rack are autoclavable and they are ideal for storage of blood and other biological samples at temperatures from –30°C up to 70°C.
Racks are stackable to save storage space.
According to SBS standard.

Autoclavable (see more information about autoclaving in page 11) Alphanumerical Identification

code description case qty. case weight case vol.
418003 96 well storage rack with tubes 10 1,810 0,0120