Sample storage system

It consists on a white rack and a transparent lid, with 96 tubes (12 x 8) 1.2 ml (capped, 1.1 ml).
Tubes and rack are manufactured in polypropylene, being autoclavable.
Caps in non autoclavable polyethylene.
Caps are acquired apart, in strips on eight units.
It is ideal to work with robots and multichannel pipetting systems, as well as for sample transport, storage, or freezing (it can withstand up to –80 ºC).
It stands up the majority of chemical agents.
Both lid and rack embody an alphanumeric identification.
The top left edge of the lid is cut for an exact orientation.
Tube dimensions (capped): 9 x 48 mm.
Rack dimensions (with lid): 126 x 81 x 53 mm.
According to SBS standard.

Regulation (EU) 2017/746 on medical devices for in vitro diagnostic Autoclavable (see more information about autoclaving in page 11) Stackable Alphanumerical Identification

code description case qty. case weight (Kg) case vol. (m3)
409004 rack with 96 tubes (8 x 12) 10 1,800 0,0090
408002 tubes of 8 caps each 120 0,730 0,0050
408005 strips of 8 caps each 120 0,090 0,0010
408003 loose tubes 5×960 3,880 0,0280