puntas robóticas QIAGEN



Robotic Tips for Qiagen (300μl and 1,100μl)

Manufactured in clean room class ISO 8.
Racks and tips in conductive polypropylene.
Free of DNase, RNase and endotoxins.
High precision tips. The conductivity allows the system to recognize the filling
height and guarantees a minimum immersion of the tip in the liquid, to ensure
safe pipetting and dispensing.
The rack has 96 tips.
They are supplied in double package.
Compatible with BEP 2000®, Biorobot®, Elysis Quattro®, Etimax®,
Evolis®, Triturus® and others.

code description rack colour case quantity case weight (Kg) case volume (m3)
318000 robotic tip 300 μl golden 5×2 1,00 0,004
318001 robotic tip 1,100 μl silver 5×2 1,80 0,0076