Rectangular graduated until 3 litres container with handle

Product designed for collection of 24 hours urine samples.
Container made of polyethylene and cap of polypropylene.
Brown opaque body and cap depending on the model:
– 408600 Yellow cap for vacuum system
– 408601 Yellow cap for vacuum system with long canula
– 408610 Standard white cap
The three of them are completely leakproof thanks to its sealing ring and ensure
a total sealing of the sample.
The vacuum system ensures a clean transfer of the urine from the container to
the vacuum tube and prevents the risk of cross contamination in the handling of
the sample. It also avoids sample loss by splashing or outpouring.
The container has a handle with ergonomic empty space to facilitate a much more comfortable dump and the manual transport of the sample.
It incorporates a translucent vertical stripe on one side where the graduation allows the control of the level of sample containing. Graduated each 100 ml, to 3,000 ml.

Total capacity: 3.3 l.
Unit weight (without cap): 115 g (± 3 g).
Cap weight (vacuum system): 8.2 g (± 0.2 g).
Cap weight (standard system): 5.5 g (± 0.2 g).

Directive 98/79/EC (in Vitro Diagnostic medical device) Graduated

code description case qty. case weight (Kg) case vol. (m3) palet cases
408600 3 l rectangular container for vacuum system 30 4,57 0,150 12
408601 3 l rectangular container for vacuum system and long canula 30 4,57 0,150 12
408610 standard 3 l rectangular container 30 4,52 0,150 12