Rack 4×4 height 45

Polypropylene rack.
Dimensions with lid: 67 x 67 x 45 mm.
Available in fluorescent colors with transparent lid. It can be freezed up to –100 ºC, and autoclaved up to 121 ºC.
16 sections (15×15 mm) will hold screw cap microtubes (range 409110.1 for example), cryovials (as code 409001), snap cap microtubes (see codes 200400 or 4092.2N), and short tubes (codes 300500, 400500, 401100).
Black color rack includes a black lid and is perfect to store light sensitive samples; it can be combined with our opaque microtubes (range 409113.1)
It may be used with taller tubes as the lid lies on their caps (up to 60 mm high).

Autoclavable (see more information about autoclaving in page 11)

code colour case qty. case weight (Kg) case vol. (m3)
U-4445N natural 5 0,17 0,0013
U-4445A blue 5 0,17 0,0013