Polystyrene racks for cryovials

Made of polystyrene, those boxes are designed to hold 1 and 2 ml cryovials at temperatures from –80 ºC to 80 ºC. Stackable.
Boxes with white base and numbered inner rack. Boxes are stackable and have air vents.
Covers are keyed to the base to prevent misalignment.
Each box is supplied with an innovate vial picker for easy vial removal.
Dimensions: 133 x 133 x 52 mm.
Capacity: 100. Ø wells: 12.8 mm.

Stackable Alphanumerical Identification

code capacity colour case qty. case weight case vol.
M-036B 81 blue 4 0,62 0,0045
M-036AM 81 yellow 4 0,62 0,0045