Opaque skirted 96 well PCR plate

Made of polypropylene.
Alphanumeric identification. The skirt around the plate provides a labelling area.
Conical-bottomed wells. The plate can be handled by robotic equipment and is ideal with automated pipetting
systems. To facilitate orientation, the bottom right corner of the plate is cut away.
Well dimensions: 5.5 mm. Well depth: 14 mm.
Code 900093: Black plate for fluorescent PCR.
Code 900095: White plate for luminescence (optical absorption) PCR.
Dimensions: 126 x 84 x 15 mm.
Certified RNAse and DNAse free.
Well plate volumen: 100 μl.

DNAse and RNAse free Alphanumerical Identification Suitable for PCR

code description case qty. case weight (Kg) case vol. (m3)
900093 96 well black plate 5×10 1,350 0,0100
900095 96 well white plate 5×10 1,350 0,0100