Nichrome wire loops

Nichrome wire loops for microbiology. Comparing them to the traditional loops made of platinum and rhodium, the nickel and chrome alloy results much more competitive in terms of durability and price. Moreover, it offers a totally smooth surface, and rapid cooling after heat sterilisation.

Non-calibrated loops (mod. A and B):
Non-calibrated nichrome loops, without holder, saving money and storage space. Supplied in groups of 25 units, in one tube, specifying code, description, and lot.

aluminium holder (mod. C):
All non-calibrated loops are easily joinable to the PVC and aluminium holder with an easy and fast screw movement. Dimensions of the aluminium holder 150 mm.

Non-calibrated loops with holder (mod. D and E):
Non-calibrated loop made of nichrome alloy. Light aluminium holder (mod. D, golden colour, mod. E, green) partially protected by a transparent, insulating, non-skid plastic. Dimensions, 275 mm.

code description presentation length case qty.
302762 Non-calibrated loop 2 mm Ø A 75 mm 25
302764 Non-calibrated loop 4 mm Ø B 75 mm 25
302780 Loop holder, PVC and aluminium C 150 mm 1
302792 Non-calibrated loop (2 mm Ø) with holder D 275 mm 5
302794 Non-calibrated loop (4 mm Ø) with holder E 275 mm 5