Multiwell plates for cell culture

Cell and Tissue Culture Plates are ideal for cell growth and cell yields on multiple, compare and other analyse.
Single position lid reduces the risks of cross-contamination and the handling mistakes. Wells are labelled with alphanumeric code for easy identification. Suitable for all common instruments and automation. Lid included. Individually packaged.
Sterilized by radiation. Non-pyrogenic. DNase/RNase-free.

code description nº of wells surface
sterile case quantity case weight (Kg) case volume (m3)
D200001 Surface treated 6 9,6 STERILE R 100 6,55 0,075
D200002 Surface treated 12 3,85 STERILE R 100 8,80 0,075
D200003 Surface treated 24 1,93 STERILE R 100 8,55 0,075
D200004 Surface treated 48 0,83 STERILE R 100 8,45 0,075
D200005 Surface treated 96 0,33 STERILE R 100 8,35 0,075