Iodoacetate lithium + heparin lithium tubes

Made of a clear polypropylene, supplied capped and labeled. On the label of each tube a fill line indicates the level of blood required, as well is printed the lot number and expiry date.
The anticoagulant and preservative pulverization inside the tube optimizes the mixture and avoids the unnecessary blood dilution.
The blend anticoagulant-glucose preservative is ideal for biochemical tests, so it’s possible to determine most of the biochemical parameters with only one tube and preserve the product stable for 4 days. It is recommended to maintain the tubes in a dark and cool place (at room temperature).
The tubes are packed in black bags in order to maintain them out of the light because the iodum is photosensitive.
Supplied in plastic racks.
Type of coagulant: liquid.
Expiry time in 24 months.

Directive 98/79/EC (in Vitro Diagnostic medical device)

code presentation case qty. case weight case vol. palet cases
602002 13 x 75 round for
4 ml blood
12×100 4,40 4,40 42
602003 13 x 75 round for
2.5 ml blood
12×100 4,30 4,30 42