Horizontal metal racks

Space optimization and organization of biological samples.
Made with high quality materials compatible and adaptable to any storage format:
boxes, racks, tubes, moulds, etc., and all types of cryostorage equipment: refrigerators,
freezers,deep freezers, nitrogen tanks, walk in cool rooms, etc.
We produce all sort of metalic racks: vertical, horizontal, cell system racks, tray racks, etc., including also customized solutions to adapt to the customer needs. Horizontal racks in hi-performance stainless steel type AISI 304.
With FB system of no-slip trays for easy storage and search of samples.
Maximum size of the boxes to storage: 55mm height and 136 mm width. Handmade production enables Deltalab to manufacture racks customised to your own specifications. For more information contact our sales dept.

code description dimensions case weight case vol.
FB534S 4 trays 234x427x140 mm 3,5 0,05
FB544S 4 trays 234x565x140 mm 3,9 0,05
FB545S 5 trays 290x565x140 mm 4,8 0,05