Graduated narrow neck opaque bottles

Opaque cylindrical bottles made of dark grey polyethylene, designed for the storage of light sensitive liquids or solid substances. Include a black screw cap and an insert plug for a positive leakproof seal.
Ribbed caps for a better handling.
Heavy duty bottles, with sloping shoulders for easy pouring.
Tagging points on neck and cap for a tamper proof closure. Body and cap with holes for
sealing or labeling.
Supplied capped.


code capacity neck diameter lower diameter height case qty. case weight (Kg) case vol. (m3)
193241 500 ml 23 mm 75 mm 157 mm 6×25 9,00 0,195
193251 1000 ml 33 mm 95 mm 208 mm 4×20 9,70 0,192