Industrial Funnels

These drums are produced in high density polyethylene Their particular top, which has a perfectly stiffened rim obtained during the moulding phase, prevents the opening from becoming deformed and the lid from becoming detached as a consequence of any drops or violent shocks.
They feature a metal washer that ensures a perfect closure where is also suitable to place a tamper evident seal.
Thanks to their airtight seal, they are suitable for transport by sea, road or railway and, thanks to their construction characteristics and qualities; they fully meet the current ONU ADR standards for transport of hazardous products.
Incinerable (excluding the metal closure).
These drums are produced using selected top-quality raw materials, they feature excellent drop-impact resistance even at low temperature (–20 °C) and stability
against corrosion from chemical agents which may cause stress cracking.
Their internal surface is perfectly smooth, and this makes it easy to fully empty and completely clean the inside from any powder, paste or semi-dense products.
All references have two handles for easy carrying except code 208128.

code description capacity mouth diameter body diameter height case qty. case weight (Kg) case vol. (m3)
208030 cylindrical drum 30 l 252 mm 320 mm 502 mm 1 2,5 0,08
208060 cylindrical drum 60 l 327 mm 405 mm 610 mm 1 3,02 0,15
208128 cylindrical drum 120 l 400 mm 480 mm 800 mm 1 5,48 0,30
208031 rectangular drum 30 l 285 mm 285 mm 52 mm 1 1,89 0,33
208061 rectangular drum 60 l 360 mm 360 mm 62 mm 1 2,99 0,78