Edta: tripotassium

Made of clear polypropylene, supplied capped and labeled.
Tetraceticetilendiamin acid, a tripotassium salt, works as an anticoagulant thanks to its capacity to fix the blood calcium. Because the anticoagulant is pulverized, it allows a mixture with the blood almost immediate.
The quantity of additive is very small so there are no dilution mistakes (this may occur in the tubes with big additive liquid solution volumes). There is no risk of anticoagulant loss when uncapping because it is adhered to the tube walls.
The cap shape, both internal and external design, assures a comfortable and reliable capping.
A volume indication mark, lot number and expiry date on the label of each tube, allows to assure the traceability of the product.
Supplied in plastic racks. Type of coagulant: spray.
Expiry time in 24 months.

Directive 98/79/EC (in Vitro Diagnostic medical device)

code presentation case qty. case weight case vol. palet cases
601603 13 x 75 round for
2.5 ml blood
12×100 4,10 0,033 42
601702 13 x 75 round for
4 ml blood
12×100 4,14 0,033 42