Digralsky spreader. Sterile

Designed for surface spreading. Made of white polystyrene. Sterilized by ethylene oxide. Total length: 149 mm, base length: 40 mm. Base length allows spreading liquid samples over any type of Petri dish and avoids contact with the dish walls.
The curved Spreader extremity and rounded corners avoid damaging media surface while spreading. The tip bent and rounded edges minimize the possibility of breakage of the solid medium during extension. It allows their use in places where sterilization before use is not possible (for instance when samples are collected far from the lab).
Available in peel-pack containing 1 or 5 units, marked with code, expiry date, lot and sterilization method.

code presentation case qty. case weight (Kg) case vol. (m3)
200500.1 5 units peel-pack 1000 3,32 0,018
200510.1 1 unit peel-pack 1000 3,60 0,079