Deep well plate (96 square wells or 12 rectangular channels)


Made of medical grade polypropylene, composed of 96 wells. V-shaped bottom squares, each with 2 ml capacity. Numeration. Alphanumeric mold that facilitates the identification of samples. Widely used for dispensing and storage of liquids, since either by manual or automatic pipetting (robotic). Resists temperatures from –80 ºC to 121 ºC (autoclave). Certified as free of RNase, DNase, DNA and PCR inhibitors.
Manufactured according to SBS standards. Stackable.
Sealing mat
Made of autoclavable silicone, exclusive for square well plates. Alphanumeric marking serigraphed in black for easy identification of wells. It is pierceable, so it should not be removed to aspirate the sample. It has 2 tabs on the right side for easy positioning.

Libre de DNAsa y RNAsa Identificación alfanumérica dna-free inhibidores-pcr-free

code description case quantity case weight (kg) case volume (m3)
900198 96 well plate 2.0 ml 5 0,58 0,0032
900310 PCR sealing mat 10 0,14 0,0008