Cell strainers

The cell filters are manufactured with a resistant nylon mesh with evenly spaced and gamma ray resistant mesh pores.

These cell filters are sterile, fast and easy-to-use devices for isolating primary cells to consistently obtain a uniform suspension of individual cells from tissues.

They allow to ensure the correct functioning of the flow cytometry and cell separation instruments by effectively eliminating traces and debris from cell suspensions and clinical samples before analysis.

Individually packaged
Sterilized by radiation. Not pyrogenic DNase and RNase free.

code capacity µm colour sterile case quantity case weight (Kg) case volume (m3)
D200031 40 blue STERILE R 200 1,32 0,018
D200032 70 natural STERILE R 200 1,32 0,018
D200033 100 yellow STERILE R 200 1,32 0,018