Caps for screw thread microtubes

Made of polypropylene.
Caps are available either with an attachment loop or without loop.
Both models have a sealing O-ring (red) of silicone to ensure a positive leakproof seal.
For sample identification, colour coding inserts can be placed upon caps (made of polypropylene).
Cap dimensions: 13 x 8 mm.

Autoclavable (see more information about autoclaving in page 11) DNAse and RNAse free

code description presentation characteristics case qty. case weight case vol.
409007.N Transparent PP 1 cap with loop 1000 0,410 0,0030
409008.N Transparent PP 2 cap without loop 1000 0,400 0,0020
409007.M Brown PP 3 brown cap with loop 1000 0,450 0,0030
409008.M Brown PP 4 brown cap without loop 1000 0,550 0,0100
409111R Red disc 5 500 0,060 0,0010