Blood collection tubes

Manufactured from transparent polypropylene. Robust and resistant to breakage. Tubes feature a unique flexible rubber cap which has two cross cuts and is
specially designed to reseal automatically after introduction or withdrawal of the sample. This system eliminates the need to remove the stopper when introducing
or withdrawing blood samples. Tubes can be used with most manual, semi-automatic and automatic blood sampling machines, and are suitable for transportation
by intra hospital pneumatic systems.

Directive 98/79/EC (in Vitro Diagnostic medical device)

code description presentation case qty. case weight (Kg) case vol. (m3)
621611 edta tripotassium 16 x 55 skirted
for 2.0 ml
10×100 3,50 0,034
621613 edta tripotassium 13 x 80 for 2.5 ml 8×100 2,98 0,031
621102 citrate for
12 x 70 for 2 ml 8×100 2,40 0,030