Biopsy and tissue cassettes for Thermo

Recommended for THERMO printers. Manufactured in POM, resistant to the chemical action of the solvents used in histology. Available for biopsy, with 0.9mm square holes, and for fabrics, with 0.5x1mm rectangular holes.
With 2 large marking areas on the sides and another on the front, 45º.
The hinge design ensures that the cassette and its lid are always attached even if it is opened and closed frequently, avoiding any loss of the sample.
Supplied in 10 sleeves of 75 cassettes plus 1 zip bag with 750 caps.
For other colors, check with the commercial department.

model code type colour case quantity case weight case volume
1 555260 for biopsy white 750 3,08 0,015
2 555261 for tissue white 750 2,92 0,015