cassettes para leika y primera

Biopsy and tissue cassettes for LEICA & SAKURA

Recommended for LEICA Y SAKURA printers. Manufactured in POM, resistant to the chemical action of the solvents used in histology. Available for biopsy, with 1.6mm square holes, and for tissues, with 0.5x1mm rectangular holes.
With 2 large marking areas on the sides and another on the front, 35º.
One piece design and snap closure.
Supplied in 25 sleeves of 40 cassettes, with open lid.
For other colors, check with the commercial department..

Regulation (EU) 2017/746 on medical devices for in vitro diagnostic

mod. code type colour case quantity case weight case volume
1 555262 for biopsy blanc 1000 4,15 0,019
2 555263 for tissue blanc 1000 3,71 0,019