5 ml Graduated Microtube

5 ml microtubules are the perfect choice for intermediate volume between microcentrifuge tubes and 15 ml conical tubes.
Made of transparent polypropylene. The microtubes are graduated each 250 μL and are supplied with a matte band able to write in.
Flat cap is attached to the tube. Easy handling: microtube can be opened and close with one hand.
Can be used from Resistant to temperatures from -80 °C to 121 °C.
Autoclavable. Free of DNA, DNAse, RNAse, DNA and PCR inhibitors.
Whitstand centrifugation up to 25,000 xg.

Autoclavable (see more information about autoclaving in page 11) DNAse and RNAse free Graduated dna-free inhibidores-pcr-free

code dimensions case qty. case weight case vol.
4092.8N 1,9 x 6 mm 250 6,35 0,039