100 – 1,000 ul tip

Universal tip with collar. Blue or natural colour.
Suitable (not exclusive): Eppendorf®, Gilson®, Biohit®, DSG®, Elkay®, Finnpipette®, Genex®, Jencons®, Nichiryo®. Suitable for Menarini®.
Rack made of polypropylene, autoclavable up to 121 ºC.
Rack without filter: transparent lid and blue base.
STANDARD filter: hinged transparent lid and transparent base.
Codes 200070, 200012 and 327-30 minimum unit sale: 1 bag.

Autoclavable (see more information about autoclaving in page 11)

code description sterile colour case qty. case weight case vol.
200070 tips in bulk no natural 10X1.000 8,00 0,083
200070R 96 tips rack no natural 10X96 2,40 0,009
200070NR 96 tips rack STERILE R natural 10X96 2,38 0,010
327-30 filter tips in bulk no natural 10X1.000 8,50 0,083
327-30R 96 tips rack filter STERILE R natural 10X96 1,99 0,010