Do you know all the models of tips?

Do you know all the models of tips?

DELTALAB pipette tips offer high quality and reliability for accurate and demanding analysis. They are used to dispense small volumes of liquid precisely and are used in conjunction with micropipettes or liquid dispensing robots.

Pipette tips must be discarded after each use to avoid cross contamination.

DELTALAB covers a wide selection of tips in its catalog (link to catalog) designed to provide solutions to various needs:

• With or without filter

• In bulk, racked or individually wrapped

• Sterile and free of DNAse and RNAse

• With Standard or Extra filter

Tips without filter

The perfect complement for safe, agile, comfortable, and precise pipetting.

• Low retention

• Autoclave resistant

• Good anchorage

• High transparency

• Homogeneous tips

• Metal free

• Traceability

Filter tips

The filter avoids the formation of aerosols and prevents possible contamination of the pipette and/or the sample.

1. Purifies the air that encounters the pipette from aerosols and contaminants

2. Partially absorbs the sample in case of over-aspiration (10-20%)

3. Accidentally sucks sample from a non-sterile pipette

All our racks are made of autoclavable polypropylene.

Tip category:

• Low retention pipette tips: designed for viscous liquid with low surface tension that can stick to the inside of the walls of a conventional pipette, which can lead to increased experimental error. The inner walls of the low retention pipette tips have hydrophobic surfaces, allowing for accurate delivery of embedded liquid. The latter ensures the reproducibility of the results and increases the accuracy of the work

• Sterile pipette tips: sterilized by radiation to ensure no sample contamination.

• Large volume pipet tips: for dispensing large volumes (2-10ml) with the same accuracy as smaller volumes.

• Extended length pipet tips: allow for aspirating and dispensing into deep, narrow vessels.

• Wide mouth pipette tips: minimize shear stress on delicate samples and reduce resistance to flow on viscous samples. They are especially useful for protecting the viability of cultured cells and maintaining the integrity of high molecular weight DNA in a clean and accurate manner.

Presentation category:

• Tips in bag

• Sterile tips in single bag

• Rack for tips

• Rack for long tips

• Rack for macro tips