New online catalogue realeased

New online catalogue realeased

A few months after of the complete renewing of the site, now is time for the new online catalogue where to find all Deltalab products.

Thanks to this new interactive tool, the user’s experience improves considerably. Since now the catalogue was only available in a PDF. On the new online catalogue, the information of the products is much more accessible and fast because the site allow now the visitors to navigate through chapters, categories and product families.

The user can also use the search engine by indicating the product reference or a keyword. The results will show the different product listings of the new online catalogue.

Online Catalogue of Deltalab

The catalog is ordered in the following typologies:

Microbiology: swabs, amies, Petri dish, handles, tubes, pipettes, sterile bags, sterile bottles …

Molecular Biology: microtubes, plates, sample file system, …

Hematology and biochemistry: glucose solution, serotub for glucose, tubes, heparin, triptase edta, sedimentation rate system, extraction tubes, anticoagulants, dyes, trays, vials, vials, …

Histology, microscopy and coloration: jars, lidded buckets, Eurotube jars, cassette lids, cassettes, metal molds, safety jars, slides, staining trays, tray slides,

Take and transport of samples: Whirl-Pak bags, zippered bags, transport tubes, examination gloves, sampling bottles, swabs for sampling, spatula, autoclave bags, transport coolers, bottles …

Tubes, microtubes and cryovials: round bottom tubes, tubes with lids, conical tubes, plugs, sterile culture tubes, centrifuge tubes, glass tubes, microtube, cryoperlas, cryovials, identification plates …

Sample bottles: jars, jars for racks, jars for empty system, rectangular jars, safety jars, glasses, ….

Dispensing of liquids: tips for pipettes, containers for pipettors, macro tips, Ritips, single-channel pipettes, handrop, special pipettes, graduated pipettes, sterile serology pipettes, Pasteur pipettes, …

Storage of samples: racks for cryovials, microtube racks, incubation racks, pipette racks, bucket racks, baskets with lid, removable racks, mixed racks, metal racks and baskets, baskets ….

Wilmut system: cryoboxes, pressure caps, racks, dividers, manual scanner, bed scanner … .etc

Small laboratory equipment: vortex shaker, rotary shaker, heated agitator, orbitral shaker, microincinerator, water distiller, desiccator, ….

Hygiene, safety and laboratory equipment: safety containers, cylindrical container, plastic and cardboard containers, sterilization indicator tapes, disinfectant wipes, autoclave bags, adhesive tapes, rubber pear, safety glasses, safety aspirator for pipettes , hygiene brushes, washing bottles, tongue depressor, gloves, test tubes, flask, beakers, supports, trays,

Industrial and laboratory containers: jars, glasses, buckets, bottles, drums, test tubes, … etc

Each product page incorporates a good resolution picture, the description of the product and all the codes associated with that family of products.

A total of 1,900 codes have been uploaded in 565 product sheets.

We invite you to try this new tool that will surely help our clients to discover our catalog from anywhere in the world in a quick and easy way.