For the collection of human biological fluids (urine and feces). Clean and disinfect before use. No sterilised.
The product is not manufactured with The product is not made of natural rubber latex or dried natural rubber.
Medical device.

Intended use:
The bed pan is intended for the collection of urine and/or feces in bedridden patients or with reduced mobility. The urine collection bottle is intended for urine collection in bedridden male patients. Both the pan and the bottle are Intended for hospital and/or home use.

General precautions:
1. Not suitable for any other application tan its intended use.
2. The use of the pan and bottle presents no difficulty for the intended end users.
3. Do not use the pan or bottle if the package is damaged.
4. It should be cleaned with detergent and disinfected with bleach or other disinfectants, before each use. The pan and bottle are suitable for use in disinfectant washers and for autoclaving.
5. The life of the pan is determined by wear and deterioration due to use. Discard when colour changes, roughness, deformations, etc. are detected.
6. Store away from heat sources.