CE certificates renewal

CE certificates renewal

To provide a better service, Deltalab carried out rigorous controls that guarantee the highest quality and compliance with the law in their products. Recently Deltalab has achieved the CE certificate renewal. Such is the case of the CE marking certifying that the products comply with current European standards and are suitable for marketing in the entire area of the European Union.

CE Certificate renewal

That is why Deltalab, recently renovated the CE Certificate, granted by the Notified Body No. 0318 in the following medical devices, valid until 06/10/2020:

Swab, Specimen collecting. Invasive sterile collection system by direct contact with the patient. CE: 2005 06 0474 CP

Invasive sterile collection system by direct contact with the patient and transport medium. CE: 2005 06 0474 CP – Annex I

Invasive sterile instruments for natural orifices for medical examination and taking of samples. Single use.
(Cytology brush, AYRE spatula, tongue depressor and flocked polyester swabs. Products formerly included in the certificate number 2013 05 0798 CP, but now with the number: 2005 06 0475 CP.

Deltalab thus provides greater assurance of quality and safety in using these products, suitable for handling human clinical specimens.