Sterile cryovials

Tubes made of autoclavable polypropylene.
Designed for the storage of biological material at temperatures as low as –196 ºC. (Liquid Nitrogen but in gas state).
Cryovials have printed graduations and feature a white marking area for sample identification. Caps and tubes have both the same coefficient of expansion, which further
enhances their leakproof qualities at changing temperatures.
Caps are manufactured in polyethylene* and embody a silicone O-ring that guarantees leakproof.
Colour code inserts can be fitted into the caps for identification.
All cryovials are certified RNAse, DNAse and pyrogen free.
Cryovials are sterilized by radiation and are packaged in safety-lock bags of 100.
Supplied capped.
External threads:
minimize liquid retention. Non skirted versions withstand centrifugation up to 17,000 xg.
* 10 ml cryovial (code 401410) features a polyethylene cap which does not accept inserts.
Internal threads:
Non skirted versions withstand centrifugation up to 14,000 xg.

Autoclavable (see more information about autoclaving in page 11) DNAse and RNAse free Graduated

code description dimensions volume case qty. case weight case vol.
409105.1 skirted 12,5 x 42 mm 1,2 ml 10×100 2,50 0,014
409103.1 non skirted 12,5 x 47 mm 2,0 ml 10×100 2,70 0,017
409106.1 skirted 12,5 x 49 mm 2,0 ml 10×100 2,68 0,015
409107 skirted 12,5 x 71 mm 3,0 ml 10×100 3,88 0,023
409108 skirted 12,5 x 77 mm 4,0 ml 10×100 3,90 0,028
409109 skirted 12,5 x 92 mm 5,0 ml 10×100 4,60 0,023
401410 skirted 17 x 84 mm 10,0 ml 10×50 2,80 0,020

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