Sample storage system

Sample storage system

96 round bottom tubes, supplied in twelve strips of eight tubes each, held in a rack with lid. Rack, lid, tubes and caps are made of autoclavable polypropylene, manufactured with the SBS standard footprint.
Compatible with all robotic applications and multichannel pipetting systems.
Alphanumeric numbered wells, indelibly printed in black, allowing identification in short light conditions. DNAse, RNAse, DNA and PCR inhibitors free.
Used for serial dilutions, mixing, storage and harvesting of cells, cell growth for cell culture assays and DNA screening, and as an ideal long-term storage system.
Caps are sold separately in strips of eight units; every cap has a tag to make an easy opening and closing.
Tube dimensions (height): 8 x 44 mm
Rack dimensions (with lid): 128 x 86 x 48 mm

Alphanumerical Identification

code description case qty. case weight case vol.
409009 rack with 96 tubes (8 x 12) 10 1,630 0,0100
409010 strips of 8 tubes each 125 0,270 0,0070
409011 strips of 8 caps each 125 0,110 0,0120
409012 loose tubes 1000 0,630 0,0050
409013 strips of 12 tubes each 80 0,126 0,001
409014 strips of 12 tubes each 80 0,662 0,006

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