EUROTUBO® 12 ml screw cap tubes, round bottom

Made of autoclavable (121 ºC) transparent polypropylene or polystyrene. Green cap made of high density polyethylene. Dimensions: 15 x 102 mm. The external skirt allows the tubes to remain free-standing. Supplied screwed. Recommended volume: 12 ml. The sterile model (ethylene oxide) is supplied individually in flow-pack bag, with indication of batch, expiration date, etc. According to the guidelines for sterile products. Resistance to centrifugation: PS: 7,500 xg. PP: 15,000 xg. Attention: For autoclaving, the cap should be loose on the thread and not tightly fitted.

Autoclavable (see more information about autoclaving in page 11) Directive 98/79/EC (in Vitro Diagnostic medical device)

code sterile recommended volume max. volume characteristics case qty. case weight (Kg) case vol. (m3) palet cases
301403 12 ml 14,4 ml polystyrene 6 x 250 12,90 0,082 20
301402 STERILE EO 12 ml 14,4 ml polystyrene individually wrapped 6 x 250 13,40 0,096 16
401402 STERILE EO 12 ml 14,2 ml polypropylene individually wrapped 6 x 250 12,03 0,096 16
401403 12 ml 14,2 ml high transparency polypropylene 6 x 250 11,11 0,082 20

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