Cylindrical or octahedral stirring bar assortment pack

Assorted cylindrical or octahedral stirring bars supplied in a convenient transparent plastic box including dividers for magnet classification.
Box includes 2 units of the following stirring bars:
Code 19400: (diameter x lenght in mm): 8×13, 8×15, 10×25, 10×38, 10×51 and 10×64.
Code 19400.1: (diameter x lenght in mm) 6×10, 4,5×15, 6×20, 6×25, 6×30, 8×40, 8×50, 10×60, 10×70.

code case qty. case weight (Kg) case vol. (m3)
19400 1 0,25 0,0006
19400.1 1 0,25 0,0006

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